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Master Gardeners of Western Wayne County

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March 1, 2018
General Membership Meeting

Cancelled due to inclement weather
Cancelled due to inclement weather

Speaker: Matthew Bertrand
Topic: Clean, Healthy Rivers Begin at Home: Rain Gardens for the Rouge 

Matthew presently serves as the Non-Point Source Pollution Program Coordinator for Friends of the Rouge.  They are asking the question Are Rain Gardens Right for you and the environment.  Your garden can solve problems from icy sidewalks and flooded basements to polluted rivers.

February 1, 2018
General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Caleb Wilson
Topic: Bees

"Did you know there are 4,000 different bee species in North America? 450 of which are in Michigan! Bees are necessary pollinators for 75% of all crops that are used for food production worldwide and bees contribute to over $3 billion dollars worth of annual food production in the United States alone. Caleb Wilson, a graduate researcher from Oakland University, will speak about his research on wild bees, their importance, and will help bust many common "bee myths". You'll learn about the types of wild bees you can find in your own backyard, how to tell them apart from wasps, and what steps you can take to provide them with important habitat."

January 4, 2018
General Membership Meeting 

Presentation:  Jacqueline Grow

Topic:  New horticulture program partnership with MSU and WCCCD

Main Speaker: 
Don Drife
Topic:  The Milkweed Community: More Than Monarchs (but Monarchs are cool!)

Everyone knows about the Monarch Butterfly and its need for milkweed plants in order to survive. But many other insects and some non-insects also make their home in the Milkweed community. Join naturalist and photographer Don Drife as he presents a program on the many organisms, which feed on, and among the different species of milkweeds, and those that make passing visits.