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November MGWWC General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Marloyn Kaminski
Topic: Herbs
Marloyn is a M aster Gardener in Washtenaw County. She has received numerous awards since her certification
in 1996. She also has written for several publications.
Marloyn has been involved with the Herb Study Group at Matthaei Botancal Gardens since 1984 She will
share with us tips for growing herbs and many uses and recipes for the use of herbs.
Merchandise: The Oakland County MG organization will be at this meeting selling MG logo items as well as
the MGWWC merchandise group.

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Canton Farmer's Market Garden Clean-up Day

Canton Farmer's Market Garden Clean-up Day 500 N Ridge Rd, Canton, Michigan 48187
Join us 9am - 1pm at the community gardens to help the end of the season clean-up. We'll meet at the community garden on the Farmers Market property first. Bring shovels, rakes, hoes, weeding tools and gloves. If a lot of us are there, it shouldn't take long to complete the job.

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October MGWWC General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Bruce Ewen
Topic: "The Power of Community"
Bruce has been a full time Professor of Economics at WCCCD.
Cuba's response to its "special period" when subsidy and trade involving the former Soviet Union stopped,
exacerbating the impact of the (in my opinion, unjust and immoral) embargo placed on Cuba. How urban and
community gardening as a survival tactic given the cut-off of supplies of fuel.

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September MGWWC General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Dick Dyer
Topic: Garlic
Dick and Diana Dyer started The Dyer Family Organic Farm (aka Dick’s ‘Pretty Good!’ Garlic) in 2009 after decades of wanting to start an organic farm. They bought a 15 acres farm-site near Ann Arbor and immediately started working to build healthy soil as a basis for healthy food. After a good bit of research they decided to focus their initial commercial growing efforts on an unrepresented market niche, varietal garlic. They have grown up to 40 varieties of garlic on their certified organic farm, selling locally at farmers’ markets, local grocery stores and through a farm CSA. By growing healthy food in healthy soil, The Dyers hope to help nourish a healthy community pursuing the farm’s vision statement: “Shaping our future from the ground up”.

Today Dick’s presentation will provide a bit of history, genetics,

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May General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Patrick Seibel
Topic: What's Bugging You?
This isn’t so much an organic, a ll natural solution but will whet your appetite with the basics of what IPM is about. You will learn what to look for and how to solve your gardens insect and disease problems without reaching for the spray bottle as your first defense.

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April General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Patrick Seibel
Topic: Drought toleranc e and what the heck to do about it
What a grand concept to be able to go away for a trip up north or for a much needed week long vacation and not have to worry whether all your beautiful plants are getting enough water. This presentation will show you HOW and most importantly WHAT plants to put into your garden to relieve the stress of making sure your gardens have water.

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February General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Joy Jacobs
Topic: How I Began G ardening with Native Plants
Joy is a Hardware Engineer that recently changed b ack to Software Engineering to work on Autonomous vehicles.
Joy and her spouse bought their home in Sept. 2008, and it was the "Money Pit" personified. Joy calls her home, "the house in the woods in the suburbs" as one could drive by and not see it. She tried the typical homeowner ornamental plants with failure. Then set out to learn about and plant native plants and has transformed their garden.

USDA databse:
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Wild Ones – Best Support!!!!
MSU is the leader of plant & forestry information for Michigan:
Easiest accessible is city of Ann Arbor’s website:
Prairie Moon Nursery –

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January General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Alexander Ball
Topic: Old City Acres
Alexander Ball is owner and operator of Old City Acres. He has been growing and selling organic vegetables for the last three years. He started farming while in college, and has continued to grow his farm, Old City Acres, since then. The main marketing outlet is his fresh vegetable CSA program that delivers a variety of freshly harvested vegetables to local consumers.

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