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September MGWWC General Membership Meeting

Speaker: Dick Dyer
Topic: Garlic
Dick and Diana Dyer started The Dyer Family Organic Farm (aka Dick’s ‘Pretty Good!’ Garlic) in 2009 after decades of wanting to start an organic farm. They bought a 15 acres farm-site near Ann Arbor and immediately started working to build healthy soil as a basis for healthy food. After a good bit of research they decided to focus their initial commercial growing efforts on an unrepresented market niche, varietal garlic. They have grown up to 40 varieties of garlic on their certified organic farm, selling locally at farmers’ markets, local grocery stores and through a farm CSA. By growing healthy food in healthy soil, The Dyers hope to help nourish a healthy community pursuing the farm’s vision statement: “Shaping our future from the ground up”.

Today Dick’s presentation will provide a bit of history, genetics,