Executive Board 2017-2018


President: Gary Oswell


My name is Gary Oswell, and I am the newly elected president of the Master Gardeners of Western Wayne County.  My experience as a gardener goes back to working in my backyard with my grandfather.  Suffice it say that was a few years ago.  My favorite gardening experiences have always been working with children.  I wanted to pass on what I learned to future generations.  Since my career choice was teaching, I was very fortunate to have several opportunities to garden with kids.  This is my favorite thing to do.  I joined the Master program to learn more about the world’s best hobby.  I was not disappointed.  There is always something new and exciting to learn from my fellow master gardeners.  My strongest gardening talent is composting.  I know that composting is the only way to maintain fertile soil for gardens while at the same time eliminating the use of fertilizer.  Fertilizer kills microorganisms in the ground water and causes pollution in the soil. And it is expensive too.  COMPOST IS FREE!!!!

I wish to thank you all for your votes of confidence.  The very talented Executive Board and I will see to it that the MGWWC is a superior Gardening club.


Vice President: Terry Kamensky