Board and Committee Position Descriptions

Executive Board
Please Note: All Executive Board Members (Officers and Committee Chairpersons) work together as a team brainstorming ideas, making suggestions, and supporting efforts to move MGWWC forward in a friendly and fun environment. The terms of all positions are two years. The experience and knowledge gained lasts a lifetime. All position descriptions may include additional miscellaneous responsibilities as agreed in coordination with the Officers Committee.



Responsibilities include:

  • Preside over meetings of the general membership and the Executive Committee. The President oversees the application of the by-laws and policies as adopted by the membership.

  • Represent and serve the Membership in a positive and respectful fashion.

  • Encourage members to be involved in the decision-making process through their suggestions, comments, questions and concerns.

  • Prepare and distribute agendas for both the Board and Membership meetings.

  • Lead both Board and Membership meetings.

  • Provide any reported information on committees not represented at the board meetings.

  • Stay active and involved in committee activities, attending or otherwise supporting as many as possible.

  • Encourage and support the Officers and Committee Chairs to work together cooperatively.

  • Keep a notebook of records to be passed to the next President.

  • In coordination with the Vice President, approves final versions of all communications sent to members regarding MGWWC business, meetings, and other such related activities… as sent by email or other

Vice President

Responsibilities include:

  • In the absence of the President, Secretary, or Treasurer the Vice President shall assume the duties of said office. The Vice President shall oversee all standing committees.

  • Attend monthly board and membership meetings.

  • Stay active and involved in committee activities, attending or otherwise supporting as many as possible.

  • Provide any reported information on committees not represented at the board meetings.

  • As stated in by-laws assume duties of President, Secretary or Treasurer when absent.

  • Coordinate with the meeting facility to schedule and confirm Board and Membership Meetings dates and times. Report confirmed schedule to the executive Board.

  • In coordination with the President, approves final versions of all communications sent to members regarding MGWWC business, meetings, and other such related activities… as sent by email or other media.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.


Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain written records of the Executive Board Committee and General Membership meetings of the Master Gardeners of Western Wayne County (MGWWC).

  • Provide written Minutes and other information to the MGWWC Executive Board Committee and Committee Chairperson.

  • Maintain an annual binder of all Minutes, meeting attendance and MGWWC correspondence.

  • Respond to correspondence as directed.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.


Responsibilities include:

  • Manage all MGWWC income, expenses and bank account(s) according to the accounting practices, policies and procedures outlined in the Michigan Master Gardener Association Financial Guidebook.

  • Collect dues from the Membership Chairperson.

  • Collect revenue from the Merchandise Chairperson, as earned from general merchandise sales and special sales. Deposit revenue in the MGWWC bank account and maintain bank records.

  • Use MGWWC credit card to submit merchandise orders, as agreed with the Merchandise Chairperson and the Executive Board, directly or in coordination with designee.

  • Provide a financial report to be read and approved at each Board meeting, and a verbal summary financial status summary at each Membership meeting.

  • Provide an annual written financial report to be available for review and audit as needed.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.

President Emeritus

Responsibilities include:

  • President Emeritus is the immediate Past President and a prior Officer who may volunteer, upon request of the Executive Board, to serve in an advisory role to the board and MGWWC as a whole by providing guidance and expertise based on their knowledge and experience.

  • Upon request, may support the Executive Board functions in areas such as general operations, succession planning, development and implementation of strategic planning, special projects, representing MGWWC at professional functions and, upon request of the board, serving as temporary Acting President if the President and Vice President are unavailable. Board meeting attendance is optional and advisory.

Committee Positions

Educational Events Chairperson

Responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with both the Executive Board and former Educational Events board members to maintain and develop a list of speakers to provide gardening topic presentations at MGWWC monthly general membership meetings September-November and January-May. Our goal is to keep expenses to a responsible minimum and to provide topics of interest to our members.

  • Coordinate with the Membership Chairperson to learn member topics of interest as indicated on the annual Membership Form.

  • Contact potential speakers to determine their optional presentation topics, availability and speaking fees; confirming their ability to provide a one-hour PowerPoint presentation.

  • Present event ideas to the President and Vice President to confirm final selections. For responsible planning and communication purposes, the goal is to have schedule speaker commitments well in advance of the scheduled dates.

  • Contact speakers to confirm their speaking commitment, fees and date. Follow-up by email to confirm and document the engagement.

  • Coordinate with speakers and Vice President regarding any special equipment or materials that will be needed for each session.

  • Work with Treasurer to obtain checks to pay speaker fees, if applicable. Upon completion of the presentation, publicly thank the speaker in front of the membership group and provide remuneration to paid speakers.

  • Support the coordination of additional certification programs such Smart Gardening or Composting.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.

Merchandise Chairperson

Responsibilities include:

  • Sell merchandise at General Membership Meetings and special events (i.e. Growing Great Gardens).

  • Work with the board to recommend and determine which merchandise should be purchased with MGWWC credit card, sold at designated events, and how much to maintain in inventory.

  • Work with the Treasurer on all merchandise orders, to confirm content, volumes, costs and vendors involved, thus confirming details of orders made on the MGWWC credit card.

  • Physically store merchandise, transport it, and set-up sales table at meetings and other events.

  • Regularly report clear and complete monthly digital record of inventory, sales, and balance sheet, as needed to maintain responsible record-keeping for inventory, costs, profit, etc.

  • Plan/help with other fundraising ideas.

  • Coordinate Committee Members for support to set-up and sell at events and keep track of sales.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.

  • Maintaining an ongoing report submitted at monthly board meetings.

Membership Chairperson

Responsibilities include:

  • Keep existing Excel spreadsheet updated with members' names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and paid status.

  • Keep existing Google email distribution list updated with members' names, email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Collect annual dues and membership forms by mail or at Membership Meetings, focusing to complete that process October 1 – December 31 each year.

  • Coordinate with President and Vice President to send emails to members soliciting annual dues.

  • Collect dues and updated membership forms from members at general meetings or by mail.

  • Update membership spreadsheet to reflect payment and give funds to Treasurer.

  • End of February, remove non-paying members from spreadsheet and email distribution list.

  • Send copies of updated membership spreadsheet to Officers and names and email addresses to the Hospitality Chairperson.

  • Produce Membership Meeting attendance list for submission to hosting facility, as requested.

  • Keep hard copies of existing membership forms for three years.

  • Member Volunteer Interests: Annually create and share with the board a summary report of member interests indicated on membership forms.

  • Member Educational Presentation Topics: Annually create and share with the board a summary report of member educational presentation topics indicated on membership forms.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings Fundraising/Scholarships Chairperson Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain and develop fundraising sources for the general fund used to provide: 1) Grants to organizations approved through the MGWWC Gardening Educational Support Process and 2) Scholarship awards to supplement gardening education events such as: Extension Master Gardener Class, Master Gardener College, etc.

  • Fundraising sources include programs such as Amazon Smile, Kroger Community Rewards, and outside grants acquired by MGWWC or organizations approved in the MGWWC Gardening Education Support Project.

  • May research possible grants to be applied for by project leaders and, as needed, provide assistance and direction about those grants and reimbursement funding as described in the MGWWC Gardening Education Project Support Overview and Guidelines.

  • Administer MGWWC Gardening Education Support Program Guidelines in coordination with the President and Vice President.

  • Inform applicants for awards and grants (when available), review applications, present applicants for board approval, notify award winners, and coordinate with the Treasurer to complete payment in keeping with the terms and conditions of each individual award.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.

Hospitality Chairperson

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and schedule volunteers who provide snacks for Membership Meetings. Acquire and provide beverages and paper/plastic goods, etc., including brewing coffee before meetings.

  • Coordinate set-up, starting approximately one hour before the meetings.

  • Coordinate food contributions from members for special events and items bought by MGWWC, such as: Purchase of ham, condiments, beverages and paper and plastic, etc. as needed for the Annual Holiday Event and purchase of hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, buns, condiments, paper and plastic items, etc. as needed for potlucks and special gardening events.

  • Coordinate clean-up so it is done expeditiously after Membership Meetings and events.

  • Submit receipt(s) for food and other items to Treasurer on timely basis for reimbursement.

  • Coordinate special events like the Annual Holiday Event and June Barbecue. Direct and oversee any key volunteer(s) who sign-up to help coordinate special events.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.


Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance and development of the MGWWC website and Facebook page, including current information about scheduled events and other topics of interest.

  • Work closely with the MGWWC Board to provide updated communication to both MGWWC Members and the general public.

  • Ensure MGWWC website and Facebook page meet all security and confidentiality guidelines. Since the Extension Master Gardener Program is based on science, educational postings on the MGWWC website and Facebook page are to be done using science-based sources as indicated.

  • Website domain responsibility: direct Treasurer in a timely manner to renew annual domain registration, proactively advise Officers of changes needed to maintain website, implement approved website domain changes as needed.

  • Attend and participate in Board and Membership Meetings.